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Welcome to our website Alabama Superworms we hope you enjoy your visit. We guarantee live delivery on every order. If your superworms arrive dead
we will replace them at no cost to you. We give a 10% over count on every order. Alabama superworms wants to be your superworm supplier. We want
every customer to be 100% satisfied.
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Alabama superworms are shipped on MONDAY ONLY with U.S.P.S. Priority mail 2 to 3 days delivery. All orders must me in before 12:00
pm noon central time Sunday to be shipped the following Monday.  You will receive a email with tracking.

We package our superworms  in cloth bags with newspaper for winter shipping. During the summer we package our superworms in net bags to help keep
them cool during shipment.  We give a 10 % over count on all orders with guaranteed live delivery.  If the temperatures are either to cold or to hot we will
hold your order until the temperature is at acceptable levels.  If the weather doesn't break for that week, the order will not ship. If you would like we can
cancelled your order and refund  your credit card.
Live delivery guarantee   
We monitor weather conditions and pack your superworms accordingly. We make ever effort to have your superworms arrive alive and in good
condition.  If your superworms arrive dead we will replace them at no cost to you. You must notify us within 24hrs. of delivery. Email us with pictures of
your dead worms for the live delivery guarantee. Someone must be home to accept delivery or we can mark the box HOLD AND CALL FOR PICKUP at your
local post office. A phone number is required.
                                                                                                     Superworm Care Sheet

Proper superworm care is essential to the health and longevity of your live superworms. Properly cared for live superworms can be stored for up to 6
months using these simple superworm care instructions.

Important: Do Not Refrigerate Superworms - They Will Die.

Storage of Superworms
Superworms should be stored in a deep plastic container, at least 6 inches deep. We prefer Sterilite brand containers. If you purchase another brand,
ensure the seal on the bottom reads "PP" or "Polypropylene." Superworms cannot climb polypropylene containers. The sides of the container should be
smooth and free of scratches, glue, or sealent in order to prevent climbing. Superworms are excellent climbers and if they are able to get within 3 inches
of the top of the container - they will escape.

The container should have a well ventilated lid, or no lid at all. Lids should be ventilated by cutting out a large section and hot gluing in a screen, or by
perforating the lid with a drill.

Unventilated lids trap moisture and raise the humidity of the container. Mold and parasites such as mites thrive in humid conditions. If mold, mites, or
other parasites have invaded your superworm container - you should not feed the superworms to your animals as they could be dangerous.

Superworms should be kept at room temperature - 78 degrees fahrenheit is optimal. Superworms will not pupate as long as there are other superworms
around. You should never refrigerate superworms, or they will die.

Feeding of Superworms
Superworms should be stored in a bedding of wheat bran, oat bran, or oatmeal. The bran provides all of the food the superworms will need in order to
keep them alive in storage. When the bedding becomes powdered you should sift the superworms out and replace their bedding. This powder is called
“frass.” Frass is the waste material generated by the superworms.

In addition to food, superworms require hydration. The best way to provide this hydration to them is by placing a few slices of carrots, potatoes, or apples
on top of the bedding. New fruits or vegetables should be offered every 3 days, or when they are consumed. If fruits or vegetables become dried out, or
moldy, they should be removed immediately to keep the mold from spreading to the bedding or being eaten by the superworms.

General Information:
Superworms (Zophobas morio) native to tropical Central and South America are a very popular food item for reptiles. These larva have several common
names including kingworms and zophobas. They measure 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length and are about the thickness of a number 2 pencil. Because of their
size and movement they’ll easily catch the attention of your animals. They are naturally large and have been given no growth hormones unlike the giant
mealworm. The total life span for a superworm is a little over a year from egg to beetle
Important: Do Not Refrigerate Superworms - They Will Die
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